Our Mission

Mission & Vision


We seek a climate of wisdom so peace and justice may flourish for all.


We believe that stories have the power to change the world – and by reweaving the wisdom of our traditional stories, both sacred and secular, and new understandings into education and public life we will be able to strengthen our social fabric and foster a more compassionate, inclusive, civil society.

Our Strategies

  • Giving voice to wisdom through media;
  • Connecting the world, especially our children, through the shared wisdom of our stories;
  • Modeling a path towards civil discourse and shared values through public roundtables at both the grass roots and at highly visible events;
  • Promoting sustainable livelihoods and service to those in need;
  • Producing teaching tools based on our traditions and disciplines to support wise choices, and multicultural, interracial, and interfaith understanding;
  • Making wise decisions for a better world.

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