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Stories have the power to change the world


What is the Wisdom Thinkers Network?

Wisdom Thinkers Network is a 501c(3) organization based in Central NY. We look globally to connect people and ideas to create a positive impact on individuals and communities through educational workshops, high-profile roundtables, and grass-roots conversations to transform our culture for the common good. We seek a climate of wisdom so peace and justice may flourish for all.

What is Wisdom?

Wisdom is the glue that holds both a person and a culture together.

It is often expressed simply through stories – passed down from generation to generation – at our grandparents’ feet or around a holiday table. Sadly, in the rush for progress, we have left our stories behind. As we’ve checked into our modern workplaces, we’ve left our stories at the door. I submit that we, as individuals, and as a society, in general, are much poorer without the wisdom of our stories. While we have amassed immense material wealth and power, we have lost our moral compass – and with our sense of human decency; our compassionate sense of community.

Plato defined wisdom as the knowledge that promotes inner harmony; and that which impairs it, as ignorance; then called on each citizen to first focus on their own personal growth in order to foster a just, civil society.

There is a Native American, Cherokee wisdom story:

A child went to his Grandfather to ask why there was so much fighting in the world. The old man looked down at the little boy and replied, “My child, two wolves are constantly battling in our minds. One is good and wishes no harm to anyone. The other is full of anger and ready to fight with everyone.”

“But Grandfather, which one wins?” the child asked.

“The one we feed.”

It is our hope that this site, and our work together, will provide plenty to nourish that good wolf. We invite everyone to share a thread of wisdom to help reweave the fabric of our society. Wisdom welcomes everyone but leaves no room for hate.

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